Our History

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Design: The force that moves our creativity forward!

Its been a long and strange journey for me, but would'nt change a thing. For me it all started about 25 yrs ago, at the Art Institute of Dallas. I enrolled in the Music/Video Production course which let me to my current venture with Art House Metal

After attending the Art Institute, I worked at several post houses doing audio work. But in my spare time I began to dable in design. I fell in love with the process of something from nothing. Continued forward with time spent at The Vision Factory, TV Guide, Christopher Sound & Vision, and Clear Channel Television. Along the way building my skills and beginning my focus on 3D Design/Engineering. I opened an Off Road company selling parts and doing fabrication. Designing Chassis's and anything else I could. I began to look at the world as many pieces to a larger puzzle. Then I discovered Metal Art, Sculptures and Metal Furniture. This led me to start Art House Metals. So stick around and lets see what I can come up with.